A Stylish and Sleek Basement Rennovation

A fun hub for the whole family

Looking for fresh basement ideas that can transform your space into a fun hub for you and your loved ones? Whether you’re currently contemplating giving your basement a complete overhaul, or make small upgrades to enhance the space, we can give you exactly what you want!

This basement project is remodelled to create a functional and open-concept basement that is practical and stylish. We installed vinyl flooring installation for a modern appearance, installed pot lights to completely illuminate the entire space, and installed a 5-inch baseboard with quarter round for a sleek and contemporary design. 

Additionally, the 200A electrical panel upgrade was implemented for an enhanced basement function and we painted selected doors to transform the entire space into an inviting area. This project was further elevated by superior craftsmanship and quality installation from our team.

The basement can make a large difference in your home environment, and it’s important to create a space that you want to spend time in and enjoy. Whether you’re daydreaming from your desk about what design you want, or currently have a stylish blueprint already set up, call us to make it happen!