A Luxurious Bathroom Remodelling

A luxurious bathroom within your budget

The bathroom is one of the focal points of your home, and it can be enhanced with the right concepts and styles. When you come home after a long day, a hot bath in your beautiful bathroom is the exact remedy you needed.

This bathroom project elevated the space that was before and transformed into a functional and modern space. We completely renovated the arrangements by first removing the existing tub and all its fixtures, and installing a new bathtub with 2-way shower kits. Porcelain tiles were installed on the floor and walls for a stunning porcelain appearance, while the new spotlight has illuminated the newly transformed bathroom.

The elegance of this bathroom design was improved further by proper plumbing, fan and tile baseboard installation and a contemporary custom-made quartz countertop that is durable and stylish. We finished this project by upgrading the vanity and installing a double sink for further practicality in the home.

You can create an accessible and stylish design for your bathroom that is affordable, like the one above! The ambience of your bathroom can help you start and end your day on the perfect note. Call us today to get started!